New Title to Be Released!

Queen Pin

Charlotte Sutton is unwittingly catapulted to the top of her family’s crime business after the suspicious disappearance of her brother. Uncertain whom she can trust, Charlotte seeks assistance from an outside source.

Miami Police officer, Henry Cain, has always cleaned up his brother’s messes. This latest stunt has landed an adorably feisty redhead in his living room, making him an offer he can’t refuse.

The couple battles invisible enemies as well as their undeniable chemistry. Henry can’t help but fall for the woman who uses the term “spank bank” incorrectly but holds her own with the deadliest men on earth. Charlotte becomes smitten by Henry’s protective nature, kind heart, and sculpted physique. Despite the life and death nature of organized crime, the obstacle of love is unparalleled. Henry must choose between Charlotte and the law he swore to uphold. Charlotte will have to decide if Henry is worth sacrificing her birthright.

Jacquelyn Marker’s debut novel, Make War, was originally pitched during an event (#PitMad) on Twitter in November of 2018. The pitch was liked by 2 editors of the same publisher and she was invited to formally submit. After a few weeks, Literary Wanderlust offered Jacquelyn a contract for her sexy Romantic Comedy.

Jacquelyn has recently pitched a second sexy romcom novel to Literary Wanderlust and is happy to be under contract.

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