Jacquelyn Marker is a Romance Author with her debut novel, MAKE WAR, expected to launch in 2020 via Literary Wanderlust.

Sam Valentine has the business world by the balls and is on track to become president of Sterling Brokerage, a premier Chicago firm. While in a staff meeting, Sam meets the newest member of the team-Reid Gallagher.

Reid Gallagher fled the country in an attempt to mend his broken heart after the death of his wife. But a single phone call changes everything when Reid learns of his father’s heart attack, realizing that it is finally time to return home.

Sam considers it a top priority to make Reid feel welcome. And there is no better way than slapping crop marks across his magnificent chest. Surprisingly, Reid enjoys the kink as much as Sam, and falling in love is inevitable. When the news breaks that Reid will be the next president of Sterling, Sam is devastated by the betrayal and refuses to go down without a fight. The ultimate game of tit for tat ensues, including Viagra-spiked coffee and a mud wrestling match with a giant named Ginger.